VS SYSTEM Promo Cards

Card Nr. Name Typ
DBM-003   Batman, Shadow of the Bat (extended-art)    Character   
DBM-019  Ra’s al Ghul, Undying (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-003  Arisia, Green Lantern of Graxos IV (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-008  Guy Gardner, Strong Arm of the Corps (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-011  Hal Jordan, Reborn (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-020  Kyle Rayner, Last Green Lantern (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-024  Sinestro, Green Lantern of Korugar (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-035  Oa (extended-art)  Location  
DGL-040  Dr. Light, Master of Holograms (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-065  Emerald Twilight (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DGL-084  Nero, Qwardian Puppet (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-095  Ultraman, Crime Syndicate (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-124  Manhunter Soldier, Army (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-182  Birthing Chamber (extended-art)  Location  
DGL-184  Breaking Ground, Construct (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DGL-203  No Evil Shall Escape Our Sight, Construct (extended-art)  Character  
DGL-212  Shock Troops (Alternate)  Plot Twist  
DGL-218  Willworld (extended-art)  Location  
DJL-001  Aquaman, Arthur Curry (extended-art)  Character  
DJL-009  Firestorm, The Nuclear Man (extended-art)  Character  
DJL-015  Martian Manhunter, manhunter from Mars (extended-art)  Character  
DJL-024  Wonder Woman, Avatar of Truth (Collectors Tin)  Character  
DJL-041  Booster Gold, Michael Jon Carter (top-stacker)  Character  
DJL-043  Captain Marvel, Billy Batson (extended-art)  Character  
DJL-048  Fire, Beatriz DaCosta (left panel)  Character  
DJL-050  Ice, Tora Olafsdotter (right panel)  Character  
DJL-054  Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz (Collectors Tin)  Character  
DJL-064  Ted Kord as Blue Beetle, Heir of the Scarab (bottom-stacker)  Character  
DJL-089  The Joker, Headline Stealer (Collectors Tin)  Character  
DJL-094  Poison Ivy, Deadly Rose (extended-art)  Character  
DJL-119  Deadshot, Floyd Lawton (extended-art)  Character  
DJL-127  Lex Luthor, Criminal Genius (Collectors Tin)  Character  
DJL-186  Not on My Watch (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DJL-196  Vicarious Living (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DOR-001  Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-005  Batman, The Dark Knight (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-007  Cassandra Cain as Batgirl, Martial Artist (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-008  Catwoman, Selina Kyle (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-009  Comissioner Gordon, James Gordon (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-011  Dick Grayson as Nightwing, Defender of Blüdhaven (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-014  GCPD Officer, Army (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-020  Superman, Big Blue Boy Scout (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-021  Tim Drake as Robin, The Boy Wonder (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-026  Bat Signal (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DOR-034  Bart Allen as Kid Flash, Speedster (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-041  Garth as Tempest, Atlantean Socerer (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-052  Terra, Tara Marko (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-060  Teen Titans Go! (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DOR-063  USS Argus (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-064  Bane, The Man Who Broke the Bat (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-080  The Joker, Laughing Lunatic (extended-art)  Character  
DOR-115  Mountain Stronghold (extended-art)  Location  
DOR-144  Break You! (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DOR-153  Have a Blast! (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DOR-163  Total Anarchy (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DOR-165  World's Finest (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DSM-010  Kara Zor-El as Supergirl, Last Daughter of Krypton (extended-art)  Character  
DSM-021  Superman, Clark Kent (extended-art)  Character  
DSM-024  Superman, Red (extended-art)  Character  
DSM-049  Scott Free as Mister Miracle, Escape Artist (extended-art)  Character  
DSM-065  Doomsday, Armageddon Creature (extended-art)  Character  
DSM-073  Lex Luthor, Power Armor (extended-art)  Character  
DSM-076  Mercy, Amazon Bodyguard (extended-art)  Character  
DSM-095  Toy Soldiers (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
DSM-101  Darkseid, Uxas (extended-art)  Character  
DSM-119  Apokolips (extended-art)  Location  
DSM-131  Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, Guardian of Gotham (extended-art)  Character  
DSM-135  Donna Troy as Troia, Child of Myth (extended-art)  Character  
DSM-154  I Hate Magic! (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MAV-002  Black Panther, T'challa (extended-art)  Character  
MAV-003  Captain America, Steve Rogers (bottom stacker)  Character  
MAV-004  Captain America, Super Soldier (Collectors Tin)  Character  
MAV-012  Hawkeye, Clinton Barton (alternate-art)  Character  
MAV-014  Hulk, Gamma Rage (extended-art)  Character  
MAV-015  Iron Man, Invincible (extended-art)  Character  
MAV-016  Iron Man, Tony Stark (top stacker)  Character  
MAV-025  Thor, Odinson (extended-art)  Character  
MAV-033  Earth's Mightiest Heroes (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MAV-035  Mjolnir  Equipment  
MAV-043  Albert Gaines as Nuke, Atomic Powerhouse (extended-art)  Character  
MAV-049  Doctor Spectrum, Joe Ledger (Collectors Tin)  Character  
MAV-076  Panacea Potion (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MAV-079  Rocket Central (extended-art)  Location  
MAV-083  Beetle as Mach 1, Reluctant Hero (Collectors Tin)  Character  
MAV-099  Joystick, Janice Yanizesh (extended-art)  Character  
MAV-107  Plant Man as Blackheath, Samuel Smithers (extended-art)  Character  
MAV-115  Marvel's Most Wanted (extended-art)  Character  
MAV-131  Heinrich Zemo as Baron Zemo, Baron of Zeulniz (Collectors Tin)  Character  
MAV-140  Paul Ebersol as Fixer, Problem Solver (extended-art)  Character  
MAV-152  Yellowjacket, Rita Demara (extended-art)  Character  
MAV-206  Mammomax, Elephant Boy (Alternate)  Character  
MAV-209  Spider-Man, Peter Parker (alternate art)  Character  
MFF-007  Mr. Fantastic, Leader (extended-art)  Character  
MFF-015  Dr. Doom, Scientific Sorcerer (extended-art)  Character  
MMK-007  Daredevil, Matt Murdock (top stacker)  Character  
MMK-021  Moon Knight, Marc Spector (Alternate)  Character  
MMK-025  Punisher, Jury (bottom stacker)  Character  
MMK-037  Midnight Sons (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MMK-041  Quick Kill (Alternate)  Plot Twist  
MMK-045  Wild Ride (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MMK-054  Doop, Ultimate Weapon (top stacker)  Shadow Character  
MMK-059  Orphan, Good Guy (bottom stacker)  Character  
MMK-094  Cobra, Klaus Vorhees (Alternate)  Character  
MMK-102  Kingpin, Wilson Fisk (Alternate)  Character  
MMK-107  Mr. Hyde, Calvin Zabo (Alternate)  Character  
MMK-142  Dracula, Lord of the Damned  Shadow Character  
MMK-147  Mephisto, Soulstealer  Shadow Character  
MMK-182  Elektra, Agent of the Hand (Alternate)  Shadow Character  
MMK-220  Weapon of Choice (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MOR-001  Archangel, Warren Worthington III (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-003  Beast, Dr. Henry McCoy  Character  
MOR-005  Colossus, Peter Rasputin (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-015  Longshot, Rebel Freedom Fighter (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-018  Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-023  Rogue, Powerhouse (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-028  Wolverine, James Howlett (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-029  Wolverine, Logan (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-029CT  Wolverine, Logan (Collectors Tin)  Character  
MOR-030  Cerebro (extended-art)  Location  
MOR-031  Children of the Atom (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MOR-032  Danger Room (extended-art)  Location  
MOR-047  Human Torch, Johnny Storm (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-049  Human Torch, Super Nova (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-053  Luke Cage, Hero for Hire (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-063  Thing, Heavy Hitter (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-064  Thing, The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-080  Magneto, Eric Lehnsherr (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-080CT  Magneto, Eric Lehnsherr (Collectors Tin)  Character  
MOR-081  Magneto, Master of Magnetism (alternate-art)  Character  
MOR-091  Sabretooth, Feral Rage (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-097  Asteroid M (extended-art)  Location  
MOR-099  Genosha (extended-art)  Location  
MOR-100  Global Domination (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MOR-105  The New Brotherhood (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MOR-106  War On Humanity (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MOR-107  Boris, Personal Servant of Dr. Doom (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-110  Doom-Bot, Army (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-111  Dr. Doom, Diabolic Genius (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-113  Dr. Doom, Lord of Latveria (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-124  Victor Von Doom II, Son of Doom (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-127  Doom Triumphant (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MOR-129  Doomstadt (extended-art)  Location  
MOR-137  Bastion, Leader of Operation: Zero Tolerance (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-138  Boliver Trask, Creator of the Sentinel Program (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-144  Sentinel Mark IV, Army (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-145  Wild Sentinel, Army (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-161  Apocalypse, En Sabah Nur (extended-art)  Character  
MOR-169  Onslaught, Psionic Spawn of Xavier and Magneto  Character  
MOR-174  Advanced Hardware (extended-art)  Equipment  
MOR-187  Finishing Move (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MOR-196  Ka-Boom! (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MOR-199  Marvel Team-Up (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MOR-206  Overload  Plot Twist  
MOR-210  Press the Attack (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MOR-214  Savage Beatdown (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MSM-002  Daredevil, The Man Without Fear (extended-art)  Character  
MSM-007  Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (alternate-art)  Character  
MSM-008  Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man (alternate-art)  Character  
MSM-015  Dr. Octopus, Otto Octavius (Collectors Tin)  Character  
MSM-018  Kraven the Hunter, Sergei Kravinoff (extended-art)  Character  
MSM-021  Venom, Eddie Brock (extended-art)  Character  
MSM-022  Vulture, Adrian Toomes (extended-art)  Character  
MSM-029  Jetpack (extended-art)  Equipment  
MSM-043  Jessica Drew - Spider-Woman, Venom Blast (extended-art)  Character  
MSM-109  Bamf! (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MSM-114  Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd (extended-art)  Character  
MSM-119  Mimic, Calvin Rankin (extended-art)  Character  
MSM-133  Sentinel Mark V, Army (extended-art)  Character  
MSM-156  Pleasant Distraction (extended-art)  Plot Twist  
MSM-165  Unmasked (extended-art)  Plot Twist  


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